Onsite Computer Support

Frustrated with your PC?  Are you ready to throw it out of the window?  You wouldn’t be alone. 

Technology is great when it works. But the emphasis is on ‘when it works’.

Like any machine, a computer needs regular maintenance – and sometimes a complete rebuild – to keep it in peak condition.

If you are experiencing issues with your desktop or laptop computer then get in touch on 0113 418 2154

I offer advice, support and tuition on a range of computer related issues such as:

  • Security, Internet and WiFi issues
  • Hardware installations and upgrades
  • PC Tune up – or a complete re-installation of Windows (if required)
  • Backup and data recovery
  • Office 365
  • Anit-virus and anti-malware

For friendly computer assistance in the Leeds area please call 0113 418 2154.



“Tech support without the tech talk”!

Alastair recently set up Windows 10 for me on a new laptop. Being anxious about the move from Windows 7 I found Alastair’s services and assistance invaluable. I will certainly use him again.
Keith Fraser-Smith